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Spring: The Season of Foundation Repair?

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March 21  |  Blog  |   Foundation Repair Solutions

Spring is the best season of the year to have your home foundation inspected

It’s that time of the year again- spring is here. In North Texas, that means two things:

1. The Texas Rangers are in spring training with opening day around the corner

2. Home and gardening restoration during spring season means foundation repair

Home foundation damage in North Texas is typically caused by our shifting soils. Certain kinds of soil are “expansive”, meaning the volume of the soil changes significantly depending on how much moisture is present. Throughout most of North Texas, this can be seen with swelling clays present throughout the soil. During drought conditions, the soil volume is low. But just a few days of rain can dramatically increase the soil volumes as the clay absorbs more moisture.

That’s why foundation problems in North Texas tend to be exacerbated in the spring months. During our dry winters, the soil tends to shrink. Then, as heavy spring rains make clay particles in the soil expand, the ground expands as well. This subtle shift in ground moisture can lead to cracks in your home’s foundation. Buildings can only withstand a very small amount of movement before damage occurs. It takes only a differential movement of one-quarter inch between adjacent columns to cause a crack in a load-bearing wall.

A shifting foundation due to expanding soil may result in structural damage to your home.

If your home sits on a pier & beam foundation, spring showers can wreak havoc in your crawl space. Water issues can develop in the crawl space, leading to musty smells, rotting wood and mold. This, in turn, can lead to costly, disruptive and time-consuming foundation repairs.

Spring is also the best season to inspect and repair your sprinkler system. Did you know that your sprinkler and your foundation have a close, important relationship to one another? As part of this annual ritual, you should seek advice on setting up a soaker hose system around your home. This can be part of the foundation inspection process, and it will help ward off future problems in the arid summer months. At the same time, you must ensure that your sprinkler system is not creating any drainage problems near the foundation of your home. Make sure that sprinkler head placement and watering times don’t create standing water.

Many homeowners also clean out their gutters during the spring months. As part of this process, make sure you have footings underneath your downspouts that guide water away from the home’s foundation.

For many North Texans, spring season is a process of getting their home back into shape. Prioritize your home foundation as a part of that process, and contact us to have your home inspected for free!