How to fix sunken concrete

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May 8  |  Blog  |   Foundation Repair Solutions

Is your sidewalk or driveway uneven?

Here at Foundation Repair Solutions, we are frequently asked why our customers’ sidewalks, patios and other concrete surfaces become damaged and uneven.

Because the concrete is only a few inches thick and is not reinforced, minor changes in soil moisture can lead to major damage for sidewalks, patios, driveways and other concrete surfaces. Certain segments of the concrete surface might remain level, while others rise or fall because of:

  • Changing moisture levels in the soil
  • The heaving that accompanies freezing and thawing of the ground
  • Water runoff that washes away the dirt upon which the concrete rests
  • Tree roots and other obstructions that push the concrete out of place

Unfortunately, this can cause a wide range of problems:

  • Cosmetic issues, since uneven concrete is unsightly
  • Broken corners and edges from concrete surfaces, created by movements and a lack of foundation
  • Tripping hazards for family members and guests
  • Difficulty with trimmers, edgers, mowers, snow shovels and blowers
  • Higher liability for homeowners in the case of a trip-and-fall injury
  • Risk of drainage and other problems created by runoff and puddles in certain areas

There is, however, a remedy for this problem. Don’t tear up the concrete and re-pour it, which can be expensive and difficult. Instead, consider slabjacking, which raises the old cracked concrete back to its original position. This will make your concrete surfaces level and prevent further damage and the risk of tripping and other injuries.

Slabjacking, also known as sandjacking or mudjacking, can both raise the old cracked slab back to its original position and create a new foundation underneath it, by injecting mortar under the slab using pressure.

Slabjacking is best performed by professionals like the team at Foundation Repair Solutions. This technique requires a portable pump, which creates the hydraulic pressure to pump new mortar underneath the uneven concrete. In addition, professionals know how to create the right mix of cement, soil, sand and other materials to level and secure your concrete. Finally, skilled professionals can do the job by drilling a relatively small hole through which to pump the new mortar. This protects the integrity of the concrete slab and ensures there is little or no destruction to nearby structures.

Don’t allow your uneven concrete surfaces to become a hazard for you, your family and your guests. Let Foundation Repair Solutions restore the safety and beauty of your property.

Have you had issues with uneven concrete surfaces? Tell us about it in the comments.

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