Welcome to Foundation Repair Solutions

Welcome to Foundation Repair Solutions, your first number to call for home foundation repair and maintenance. Our team is highly experienced in foundation and structural engineering, and the special soil conditions present in North Texas that lead to drainage and leveling problems for thousands of DFW homeowners every year. We handle everything from preventing soil erosion, drainage, underpinning, mudjacking, sheetrock damage, excavation, sump pump draining, and much more. If it’s under your house, we’re on top of it.

  • Cracked Wall

    I didn’t think my house was old enough to need foundation repair, but when the cracks started showing up in my walls, I knew I needed to do something. Luckily, Foundation Repair Solutions took care of everything and worked with my budget. -T. Miller

  • Cracked Slab

    I didn’t even know that a slab foundation could be leveled, so I waited way too long to do anything. Foundation Repair Solutions explained how it’s done and got my house in line in no time. -M. Sackhoff

  • Foundation Repaired

    When I inherited my mother’s home, I couldn’t believe the state it was in. I was afraid we would have to tear it down, but Foundation Repair Solutions showed me how to save not just the house, but all my memories. -J. Crandall

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